ESI srl, a company that operates in the field of phytotherapy, dietary and food supplements, was established in 1975 by the current President, Antonio Maria Galleano. Initially the ESI brand identified a line of patented formulations imported from Switzerland. Soon enough, the choice to produce its own line by creating new formulations in line with scientific trends and market needs arose.

The company initially operated in Genoa. In 1992, in order to take advantage of larger production spaces, the company moved to Albissola Marina, in the immediate vicinity of Savona.

Currently the plant covers an area of approximately 19,000 square meters, of which 10,000 square meters are reserved for production and another for administrative and commercial purposes. The company’s production facilities are positioned at the highest quality levels on the market.

ESI’s mission is to contribute to the well-being of the individual with high standard, quality products.

The goal is to become the reference company in the field of phytotherapy and food supplements and compete effectively in the health industry, with the most important competitors on the major world markets.

40 Years of Experience

The experience gained in over 40 years of activity, thanks to the constant commitment in scientific research and the development of valid products, in the innovation of formulations and in the careful selection of raw materials, have led ESI to become one of the leading manufacturers. The highest quality production levels are made possible by the presence of state-of-the-art facilities and development laboratories. The Quality Control Laboratory is directly involved in organoleptic tests, physical-chemical and microbiological analyses of the best raw materials.

Internationality Quality control
Ever since the first years of activity, ESI’s aim has been to become the company of reference in the fields of phytotherapy and dietary supplements and compete effectively with the most important competitors on the major world markets”. After 40 years of constant commitment, this objective has been achieved. In fact, thanks to an extensive network of international distributors, ESI products are distributed in more than 50 countries: from South Africa to Finland, from the USA to the Middle and Far East. This internationalisation process is constantly growing: every year, new countries are added to the previous ones. And on the packaging sold abroad we have proudly brought back the Italian flag: a small gesture to contribute, with high quality products, to the image of Italy throughout the world.

Quality control

Product quality is the first company rule that is implemented:

  • In the selection and implementation of the raw materials selected.
  • In the rigorous quality controls carried out in our specially equipped laboratories.
  • In the highest quality standards.
  • Thanks to modern production facilities and controls.

21 Quality Control Key Points

  1. Buy only the best raw materials from qualified suppliers and validated by ESI.
  2. Store the raw materials in suitable areas, away from heat and humidity.
  3. Test and evaluate all the raw material upon receipt, performing physical-chemical and microbiological analyses, by using consolidated protocols and sophisticated control methods, in compliance with the technical specifications agreed upon with the provider.
  4. Monitor each batch to make sure the most recent raw materials are used every time.
  5. Where necessary, provide an overdosage of the ingredients to make sure that the quantity at the end of the shelf life matches that indicated on the label.
  6. Use fillers, binders and excipients of natural and/or vegetable origin.
  7. Where necessary, granulate some nutrients to ensure uniform mixing of the ingredients.
  8. Produce in dehumidified environments to prevent damage to moisture-sensitive nutrients.
  9. Use the latest compression techniques to avoid using harmful elements.
  10. When required, uniformly coat the tablets immediately after production, to prevent moisture and oxidation from damaging the finished product.
  11. Conduct disaggregation tests to ensure the tablets and capsules dissolve within the time prescribed by the pharmacopoeia, depending on the type of product.
  12. Check all the semi-finished batches analytically before authorising the packaging.
  13. Pack the product in bulk immediately after analysis.
  14. Pack tablets, capsules and liquids in bottles and blisters in accordance with current regulations on food hygiene and safety.
  15. Pack the products in a way that will reduce the effects of light, heat and humidity as much as possible.
  16. Use containers suitable for food.
  17. Periodically check the characterising ingredients in the products to ensure their effectiveness until the end of their shelf life.
  18. Test and check all batches of the finished products, performing physical-chemical and microbiological analyses, before marketing authorisation.
  19. Keep an inventory with a sophisticated computerised system, allowing you to accurately monitor stocks and offer fresh, recently produced products.
  20. Always guarantee the application and updating of adequate safety procedures, using the principles on which the risk analysis system and the control of critical points is based.
  21. Always guarantee complete traceability, starting from the receipt of each batch of raw materials up to the delivery of the products to the point of sale, in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No 178/2002.

Quality certifications

ESI quality has achieved:

  • 1995 – authorisation from the Ministry of Health to produce dietary products and supplements.
  • 1999 – ISO 9001 certification which guarantees the full quality of ESI production
  • 2002 – updating the quality system to European standards ISO 9001:2000
  • 2004 – product certification of juices from the Aloe Vera ESI line
  • 2009 – updating the quality system to European standards ISO 9001:2008


The increasing competitiveness of the market as well as the needs of consumers, who are increasingly informed and more selective, encourages the company to produce and market products with a Quality guarantee. In particular, as far as the food industries are concerned, the EEC directives have been implemented in relation to the hygiene of products and, with Legislative Decree No 155/97, the introduction of a Corporate Self Control Plan (HACCP) has been made mandatory to guarantee the healthiness of the products. The HACCP system is therefore a mandatory start for an organisation of systems geared towards global quality. ESI is a leader in the sector of health and dietary supplements, and has pursued the process of global quality by embracing the philosophy of certified quality that places the company in direct contact with the client. Therefore, ESI not only conforms to the HACCP standards, guaranteeing the manufactured products, stored and transported in compliance with current regulations, but has also obtained ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION that guarantees total quality, from DESIGN through PRODUCTION to MARKETING of its products. Thanks to mutual recognition with the prestigious organisations that participate in the IQ Net (The International Certification Network), the certification it has obtained is valid in all European countries, Canada, Japan and in most of the other developed countries in the world. The recent introduction of the HACCP and of the ISO 9001 Quality System plays a key role in achieving global quality. For ESI, operating under Quality Guarantee conditions means it has the possibility to offer services and products that conform not only to what is established by legislation or specific regulations but, above all, to consumer expectations.

Production facilities

Technology and innovation have always been two of ESI strengths: natural, technologically advanced products and continuous investment have always guaranteed the best production capacity. ESI produces over 80,000 tablets, 12,000 bottles and 300,000 tablets per hour in various formats. ESI has also developed and patented a special system for the Capsule Retard: the famous tablets with variable release. A sophisticated structure for the coating of the tablet makes it easier to swallow, while the liquid packaging department has expanded with the introduction of the Pocket Drink, the practical single-dose sachets. Exploiting the opportunities of modern technology allows us to perfect packaging procedures and offer the consumer a practical and high quality product.

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