Marine collagen: the effectiveness demonstrated by our clinical tests

Clinical tests have studied the effects of marine collagen as part of a normal daily diet. The results led to consider Biocollagenix® ESI as a safe and effective supplement for combating skin ageing.*

The effects of oral collagen supplements.

Skin ageing is one of the most active research areas both in the medical field and in cosmetic surgery. In particular, non-invasive methods are increasingly studied to prevent and slow down the appearance of wrinkles or to prolong the effect of a more invasive procedure such as injections. A recent study published in the journal Aesthetic Medicine*, analysed the effects of collagen taken orally. A team of doctors and researchers tested Biocollagenix® ESI on a cohort of 70 patients and evaluated its effectiveness with ultrasound measurements of dermal thickness before and after treatment.

The study in the laboratory.

Chrono-ageing or intrinsic ageing is a cumulative process that takes place over time and leads to the reduction of the thickness of the dermal matrix. In chrono-aged skin, collagen homeostasis is aberrant and shows a reduced synthesis of type I and type III pro-collagens. On this basis, the study on Biocollagenix® ESI products aimed to evaluate the in vivo effects and the antioxidant properties of hydrolysed collagen from marine fish.

The multicentre study involved 70 people – non-smokers – residing in different Italian cities and between the ages of 45 and 65. Biocollagenix® was administered for 20 days at a dosage of one vial per day. Patients were asked to fill out an assessment form before and after the treatment, indicating on a scale from 1 to 5 the level of elasticity, hydration, tone and brightness of the skin. All patients underwent an ultrasonography of their facial tissue before and after to evaluate dermal trophism

The results of the study on Biocollagenix® products.

Below is a summary of the results of the study on the effectiveness of Biocollagenix®. The average value for each parameter was calculated based on the evaluation forms filled out by the participants.

70 PATIENTSStart of the treatment 
(average value)
After the treatment
(average value)

Table 1– The average value for elasticity was 2 points at the end of the treatment. The average value for hydration before treatment was 3 with an average improvement of 2 points at the end of the treatment. The average value for tone was 2 with an average improvement of 3 points at the end of the treatment. The mean value for brightness before treatment was 2 with an average improvement of 1 point at the end of the treatment.

In addition, before treatment the average skin thickness was 0.11 cm, while at the end of the treatment it was 0.13 cm, with an average increase of 0.02 cm.

Biocollagenix®: A safe, laboratory tested line.

The skin is the part of the body that emphasises the passage of time the most. In some more sensitive areas, the signs of time are more obvious than in other parts. By these, we mean the face and neck. The study showed that the administration of Biocollagenix® has beneficial effects on the skin, hair and nails. The nutrients contained in the oral supplement reach the epidermis through the bloodstream and thus the deeper layers of the cells. Its action is ideal for people who work in air-conditioned places, which dries out the skin, for people who do not follow an appropriate diet, for post-natal body care and after following low-calorie diets, in order to counter the ageing process.

The data that emerged from the clinical test indicate that Biocollagenix® taken as a supplement can be a valid ally in preventing skin ageing and improving skin trophism.

*Effectiveness and effects of the introduction of ESI collagen in the diet, published in the journal Aesthetic Medicine, 2017; 3(3):22-27.

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