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An afternoon of pampering. I tried the #beautyDrink by @esi.italia with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid. Biocollagenix, #antiage to drink for more beautiful and radiant skin.


Biancaneve makeup

Biocollagenix: A touch of beauty

Where do you start when you want to talk about beauty? We all have our own opinion on beauty. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In fact I don’t think that something is beautiful and exciting for everyone in the same way…


Mysecretroom by Maria Teresa Calce




Take care of yourself

Taste of style by Federica Visconti

Biocollagenix beauty drink formula

It is based on hydrolysed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratol, blueberry juice, vitamin C, copper and zinc. In a practical drinkable format, taken once a day, they guarantee an antioxidant action thanks to the blueberry fruits…


Missandmakeup by Sara Aiello

Stop wrinkles with the Biocollagenix beauty drink by ESI

Stop wrinkles with the Biocollagenix beauty drink by ESI. I must confess that I do not feel at all immune to the growing interest…


Nothingtoamend by Alessia Foglia

Biocollagenix: My natural beauty secret.

Once upon a time, there was carelessness, good nights and going out with friends. Then age caught up with us and the make-up chest leaves room for anti-wrinkle creams, scrubs and youth serums.






Great news for my skin! Age is now what it is and our skin needs some help to stay supple, firm and young.

Miss And Makeup

Beauty and pampering

Cuddles are never enough, we all know that! I like to give cuddles, receive them and I like to cuddle myself: they are the least common and the most delicious.


Maria Rosa Neri

A touch of beauty for each morning

2 biscotti nel tè by Sara Balivo

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