The advantages and benefits of collagen in oval tablets

Collagen in oval tablets is an effective anti-ageing remedy. Thanks to a formulation based on hydrolysed marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol, Biocollagenix nourishes the skin from the inside, making it more elastic and toned.

The anti-ageing effectiveness of Biocollagenix oval tablets

Biocollagenix is the first product in Italy with types I and III collagen. The latter is the first to diminish with advancing age, leading to the onset of wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Counter the signs of ageing

To slow down this process, anti-ageing treatments are not enough; cosmetic products, in fact, fail to penetrate effectively into the dermis.
Biocollagenix oval tablets are a practical way to provide the right nourishment to the skin through the bloodstream.

Prevent wrinkles and tone the skin

The skin, in addition to constituting our body’s protective covering, is a fundamental part of our image. For this reason it is essential to keep it healthy even as we age. In particular, we must receive the right nourishment through the bloodstream not only from a healthy diet, but also with an adequate supplement of Collagen, the main protein of the body’s connective tissue.

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